Dot is an animated series on NBC's Sprout channel developed by The Jim Henson Company and produced by Randi Zuckerberg. The show stars a young girl named Dot who uses technology to play, discover and learn about the world around her. While at Big Spaceship, I created animated social assets that speak to Dot's sense of wonder and use of her tablet as a tool to further her adventures at home and in the outside world around her.
With Dot being the first animated series featuring a tech savvy heroine, we explored the conversation around taboo parenting topic: kids and technology. Through research we developed with NBC, we discovered parents feel judged about their children's technology usage by other parents, and are confused about what is normal for their child. But we also found that tech has inspired learning, wonder and curiosity about the world. Almost all parents accept that tech is here to stay and are looking for help in how to live with tech in a way that helps their kids learn and grow. 
Sprout's website directed parents to explore "Sprout Talks Tech" and take our quiz. I designed the Sprout Talks Tech branding and created graphics for the campaign websites.
Stats from our SproutTalksTech survey told through stop motion animation:

Directed by Lucinda Schreiber and produced by Not To Scale New York

We also created "the Do's & Dots" to help parents with some basic rules to use tech the right way. Dot introduces kids to a video series of tech etiquette lessons. I designed the Do's & Dots branding and the set of icons above the videos:
I designed this printable coloring page reminding kids of the "Do's & Dots" of tech etiquette:
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