The Glasslands Gallery was a music venue, dance club, and art space in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Glasslands was founded by Brooke Baxter Bailey and Rolyn Hu in 2006, as a relocation of Baxter's earlier art space in the same building, Glass House Gallery. The energy in the space was simply magical. There was a beautiful, strong community vibe and you knew you'd find yourself in a special experience there. I found a listing on Craigslist seeking interns sometime in 2008. I was just over a year out of art school and pretty new still to NYC. I was looking to get involved with art for the music industry, and this was the perfect way to do so. I started out interning at the 300-capacity DIY music venue, helping out with blog updates, booking communications, small repairs around the space, dealing with vendors, you name it. Resourcefulness was very important for this gig. I did the most random tasks including painting the staircase to the loft space and finding an ATM guy (we were a cash only venue and had been sending people to another bar to take out cash from their ATM). The owners offered me gigs working the door at shows for some extra cash. They eventually hired me on as their assistant, and I took on more responsibilities. They later hired Jake and Rami of PopGun Booking to take over curating and promoting the shows while they opened up a new restaurant and bar. PopGun ending up purchasing Glasslands as their own venue over time. It was a really cool evolution and they kept the parties going and the music incredible for many years. The space had their last event on New Year's Eve, closing out 2014.
Here are a few flyers I worked on for PopGun shows at other spaces.
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